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Zoom Gathering with Linda Parelli Topic: 52 Challenges and Horsemanship Q & A for March 2021

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

It is with much pleasure that I present my monthly free zoom gathering for March with Linda Parelli offering her insightful perspectives on a range of horsemanship topics. The focus for this gathering was on training programs with participants also asking for Linda's support on particular training issues of concern to them. The result is a wonderful hour of learning from Linda.

Please see the web address below to access this zoom gathering by copying and pasting into your browser.

My monthly zoom gatherings usually take place on the last Thursday of each month at 6.30pm however this one was held on Saturday 27th March at 10am to fit in with Linda's time zone. My next free zoom gathering will be 6.30pm on Thursday 29th April. Linda has agreed to attend future zoom gatherings with the next one to be trialled on a Sunday at 10am on a date that fits in with Linda's schedule possibly July or August.

In the meantime for your ongoing support please refer to my Events page on this site. For those living further afield and unable to attend an event live my next Seven Keys Virtual Home Study Group Experience: Putting in Place a Program to Progress with Your Horsemanship at Home. will begin with a Meet & Greet zoom gathering on Friday 16th April with the experience running to Friday 7th May. Join this virtual home study group experience to get back and/or keep on track with your horsemanship training program for this year. Be proactive in designing and following through with your training program guided, encouraged and supported by Fiona. The opportunity is there to receive video coaching feedback and you will be able to meet and get to know the other participants via the dedicated private fb group set up as well as during the 4 zoom gatherings held over the experience for a more clinic style feel.

Without any further ado I invite you to view the March zoom gathering with Linda. Please enjoy:

Meeting Recording:

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