Meet Annie,Taci,Maggie and Honey Bear



(My Dizzy Dazzler)

Anglo Arab Appaloosa Quarter horse cross mare. (Nov 1996)
Sire Aloha Dazzler. Dam Ashantis Dizzy Lizzy.

In searching for an unstarted young horse to take to a Colt Start Course with Pat Parelli at Braidwood NSW in 2001 I advertised locally and came across a 4yr old unstarted Annie. She has always had so much try and continues to be a great partner offering so much over the years both to myself and to the students who have benefited from time with her when coming to study with me.

Freestyle riding.jpg
Henty 2014 Fiona & Annie Liberty jumping
Henty 2014 Fiona & Annie Liberty zone 5.
Kyenton camp Fi & Annie Oct 2009.JPG


Black Horse Manor Anastacia

First cross Andalusian mare. (Oct 2006) 
Sire Galero XIV. Dam WP What a Busybody.

When searching for a young Andalusian to develop I chose an 18 month old Taci. Taci is a dominant horse in my small herd with a determined character. Unlike Annie who would answer with a Yes I will try my best to my questions Taci’s first thought would be to say No. It has been satisfying to see her try develop through the Parelli program to become the willing partner I had hoped for.

BHM Anastacia as a foal V.jpg
BHM Anastacia at 10 months II.jpg


Black Horse Manor Magdalana

Pura Raza Espanola mare. (Nov 2013)
Sire Galero XIV. Dam Cabaleriza Marieta (Dam’s sire Esplendido).

In my travels I had seen two beautiful black Andalusian stallions Galero and Esplendido. With Galero as her sire and Esplendido as her Grandsire on her dam’s side I saw that an 18 month old Maggie would grow to be a beautiful Andalusian mare. She bears the rabicano gene giving her bright bay coat white hairs throughout for an unusual colouring. Maggie is a very friendly soul started under saddle as a 4 year old. With her friendly, playful nature she has been well suited to her role as a weaning partner to my most recent addition to the family Honey Bear. By taking Maggie to Gramayre Friesian Stud she has ensured a smooth transition for a 6 month old Honey Bear from Gramayre to Seven Keys. My ongoing goal for Maggie is to offer her ways to achieve more relaxation, rhythm and balance in her posture and movement.


Honey Bear

Gramayre Honey Bear

Friesian Knabstrupper cross filly. (Oct 2018)
Sire Gramayre Flashdance. Dam Gramayre Shep.

On seeing a short video clip of Honey Bear taken on the day of her birth and then with visitors to the stud in the weeks to follow so curious and at ease around people I knew she was destined to become a member of my family of horses. Honey Bear has the personality, looks and movement to become a very special partner. She is a delight to be around and very open to learning.

Honey Bear close up 1st mth.jpg
Honey Bear and Shep.jpg
Honey Bear and Shep in first mth.jpg
Honey Bear in paddock 2 mths.jpg
Honey Bear with Shep and meeting another
Honey Bear at weaning.png
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Honey Bear lying down.jpg
Honey Bear getting on pedestal.jpg
Honey Bear on round yard wrap.jpg

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