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Fiona offers a variety of events from 1 to 3 days collectively designed to cater for horse lovers of all levels of expertise and experience who are seeking a new or more in depth perspective on the nature of the horse and how to bring out the happy, willing partner/athlete in their horse.
Join Fiona as she shares how to develop an attitude of cooperation, partnership and harmony with your horse using Love, Language and Leadership in equal doses leading to Lightness in your horses positive responses.

Gain a greater understanding of how your horse thinks, feels, acts and plays.

Learn how to develop more understanding, trust and confidence with your horse.

By attending an event with Fiona you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in horsemanship to gain a clearer understanding of the mindset, skills and approach so important to use in your everyday interactions to ensure your horse becomes an ever more dependable partner.

These courses are organized throughout the year and posted on this website calendar of events, Instructor events on website and Horsemanship Macedon Ranges Facebook page or by contacting Fiona.

Prices will vary depending on the length and the location of the event but based on $165 a day each for 2 to 6 participants (If 1 participant attending the cost is $220 a day).

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