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Accelerate your Progress with a

Personal Progression.

Select the number of days of study to suit you.


Personal Progressions are held at Fiona’s purpose built property “Seven Keys” catering for small groups of up to a maximum of 4 participants with their horse allowing for a more personalised, learning experience.

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The layout of the facilities at “Seven Keys” is designed to enable a seamless transition for horse and human in their individual progress in both ground (on line and liberty) and riding skills.


Immerse yourself in horsemanship spending quality time with your horse to explore and expand the partnership you share. Each participating partnership is offered an individual progress plan over their time of study with the HHHL How To Talk Horse 10 module curriculum as the overviewing guide. This is a not to be missed opportunity to prioritise time for progress with your horse in taking a major step forward in advancing your horsemanship skills and to build an ever more meaningful, dependable and joyful partnership together with your horse. With the mantra Think it, Feel it, Explore it, Review it, Expand on it a Personal Progression offers you the opportunity to learn, take in, review, practise and expand the horsemanship skills and strategies to take with you and feel empowered to play with once home with your horse. Through a strategic mix of theory, simulations, preparatory ground skills and riding sessions you will gain valuable insights that will change the way you think of and interact with your horse. If you’re looking to elevate your connection, knowledge and skill set with your horse for a more extended amount of time a Personal Progression with Fiona Darling would serve you well.

Cost $200 per day

Horse Wash

Book in as an individual or with a group of friends for the number of days of your choosing.

On site camping possible.