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Seven Keys Virtual Home Study Group

Connect with others, for a more clinic style feel, to study a Topic or Theme at your level receiving Fiona's coaching support from your home base over 3 weeks of intensive study and progress. 
A variety will be available throughout the year.

Improve your horsemanship and progress through the HHHL curriculum while benefiting from this individualised support from Fiona Darling. 

Over the 3 weeks of each Seven Keys Home Study Group Experience participants will be able to:

*connect with Fiona and one another using fb messenger in the dedicated private fb group created for that virtual experience

*receive regular theory and tasks posted by Fiona via the dedicated fb group and email

*have the opportunity for video coaching and mentoring, support and guidance from Fiona  

*connect as a group with Fiona for a Q & A, review of the week and peer engagement via zoom sessions each Friday over the 3 weeks  

*have the opportunity to join Fiona for the collective Seven Keys Virtual Home Study Group Experiences zoom gatherings held once a month 

Regular Cost $220 AUD for a 3 week virtual home study experience.


Some Participant feedback posted in the dedicated fb group at the end of the 1st Seven Keys Virtual Home Study Group Experience: "Putting in Place a Program to Progress with Your Horsemanship at Home"

Fabulous Fi, I’d love to have regular zoom catch ups with our little group. Supporting each other goes a long way towards progressing our HMS journeys. Lovely. Cathy

Hello girls. Just want to say thank you for the opportunity to meet you all and all your beautiful horses. It has been great to see all your videos, your progress and Fiona's feedback. 

Thank you Fiona for creating this course, and all your support, encouragement and valuable horsemanship knowledge.

Good luck everyone as you follow your goals and dreams, and I look forward to following your horsemanship journeys...

Enjoy every moment... even when it's just smelling our beautiful horses, and

being in nature with them ....

Take care, keep safe, well and happy.


Just to repeat what Carolyn posted earlier. Feel very lucky to have shared this experience with you all. We are so lucky to have Fiona in our horsemanship lives helping and guiding us. It feels a bit like I'm packing up and leaving a clinic feeling a bit flat but excited with my new plans and knowledge gained from this clinic. See you all at the next one. Belinda


Seven Keys Virtual Home Study Group Experience

Friday 16th April to Friday 7th May 2021

Putting in Place a Program to Progress with Your Horsemanship at Home

Join this virtual home study group experience to get back on track with the horsemanship dreams and goals you have for this year.
Be proactive in designing and following through with a training program guided, encouraged and supported by Fiona. 
Limited number of bookings available.

This virtual home study group experience will begin with the first of 4 zoom gatherings on Friday 16th April as a meet and greet to set the scene for the 3 weeks. Further zoom gatherings will be scheduled for Friday 23rd, Friday 30th April and Friday 7th May 2021. Participants will be able to connect as a group on messenger, receive theory and tasks posted by Fiona via email, have the opportunity to receive feedback via 3 video coaching sessions of 3 to 5 mins and receive mentoring, support and guidance from Fiona over the 3 weeks.



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