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Seven Keys Virtual Home Study Group Experiences: Remote learning doesn’t have to be lonely.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Over recent months two innovative virtual events with Linda Parelli have been organised and hosted by 3 Star Instructor Molly Sanders from Washington State USA. The first event over June 2020 called “Bridges to Success” and focusing on the On Line and Freestyle riding savvys and the second, due to popular demand, over July/August called “Unlocking the Secrets of Liberty”.

These courses have been so wonderful for Parelli people from around the world to connect with one another and with Linda, Molly and Instructors. Linda has shared her wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise with her insights and latest innovations in setting partnerships up for success in their learning. I have loved being involved in both of these virtual courses as an assisting Instructor answering questions in the portal raised by participants after viewing the lessons or trialing the lesson tasks set for L2/3 or L3/4 from their training sessions with their own horses and at their own pace.

Each course ran for 3 weeks with each week opening on the course portal with an outline of subjects to be covered in each lesson, recorded videos of Linda talking with Molly on various topics of interest, theory documents, recorded virtual lessons of Linda with students at Molly’s property plus relevant support material from the Savvy club library. Participants were able to ask questions on the portal answered by assisting Instructors and/or direct their questions to be answered by Linda during the live zoom gatherings at the end of each week. Also during these end of week gatherings Linda gave her feedback on a selection of video clips that had been sent in by participants during their training sessions over the week. Participants were also able to connect with and encourage one another over the dedicated course facebook group including the possibility of uploading their “clip clop” videos to show the progress they were making with their horses as a celebration of their achievements. These events were a wonderful innovation thanks to Molly Sanders and her tech savvy husband Brett enabling us all to really feel part of the global Parelli community.

I know the importance of being able to gather with kindred spirits in support of one another and rejoicing in each others successes, such precious parts of learning in a course environment. Having the uplifting experiences of the virtual courses with Linda has really encouraged me to formulate my own virtual courses for Parelli students to be part of. Enrolling in a Virtual Home Study Group experience with Fiona Darling will offer participants the important feeling of connection in learning when travelling to a course is not practical or possible.

Through involvement in these Virtual Home Study Group experiences participants will again discover the value of the Savvy Club as a great “Go to” resource to keep on track with their horsemanship progress.

As this blog entry is being written Molly Sanders is with Pat Parelli at his Colorado International Study Centre preparing for his first virtual course "Pathway to Partnership with Pat Parelli: Understanding the 4 Savvys Blueprint" to be held over 3 weeks from 2nd to 22nd October 2020 and currently open for bookings. I highly recommend this as a fantastic opportunity to delve into the mind of this master horseman for more depth and scope with understanding his blue print to progress through the Parelli Foundation Levels 1 to 4 Program.

With this coming event in mind I am offering a preparatory 2 week virtual home study experience from Friday 11th to Friday 25th September 2020 called “Putting in Place a Program to Progress with Your Horsemanship at Home”. Then on conclusion of Pat’s course I am offering a 3 week virtual home study experience from Friday 6th to Friday 27th November 2020 called “Coaching for Progress with the Parelli Partnership Blue Print” as a way of supporting people in their ongoing horsemanship progress.

For more detail about each of these virtual events I have on offer please go to the Seven Keys Virtual Home Study Group Experiences page on this website.

Lots to look forward to over the coming three months!

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