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A Quiz in the study of Parelli Natural Horsemanship: Horsenality Do’s and Don’ts

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Fiona Darling of Seven Keys Horsemanship Macedon Ranges would like to present to you the following descriptions of different scenarios for you to classify each according to horsenality and do or don’t:

Eg RBI Do or RBI Don’t.

1. When this horse gets scared his energy comes up, help him by giving a confident close feel on the line/rein and use soothing, calming energy in your body.

2. This horse is a thinker so cause your ideas to become his ideas but understand his ideas first by offering incentive.

3. Use bigger phases to cause this horse to look at you when he is unsure showing strong leadership to move him through his thresholds.

4. This horse needs to move his feet when unsure so use the consistency of circles when riding to develop relaxation and calmness. How fast can you go inside this hoola hoop?

5. To gain this horse’s trust use retreat, retreat, retreat.

6. This horse gets easily bored and mouthy so use repetition to achieve obedience.

7. This horse is lazy so be consistent with your use of phases 1 to 4 to show your leadership.

8. Use reverse psychology to gain this horse’s curiosity. He knows what you want so do the reverse of what he expects to peak his interest.

9. When this horse’s energy comes up to play use shorter lines and smaller circles to gain control.

10. This horse is keen to learn and be exposed to new and novel things. Be playful and teach him something new regularly.

Horsenality Do’s and Don’ts: Answers

With the following descriptions of different scenarios classify each according to horsenality and do and don’t:

1. RBE Don’t

2. LBI Do

3. RBI Don’t

4. RBE Do

5. RBI Do

6. LBE Don’t

7. LBI Don’t

8. LBI Do

9. LBE Don’t

10. LBE Do

To learn more about Horsenalities and gain a greater understanding of why your horse acts the way they do and offer you the strategies that will work best to bring out the willing partner join the Parelli Savvy club via the link

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