• Emily Maren

Horsemanship Lesson: A Strategy For Developing Sideways Without A Fence

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

A strategy for developing sideways with no forward movement to aid in a horse's athleticism. This uses a barrel as a destination, an end point where through experience the horse knows that they will get a rest/release. Initially with a pole on the ground between two barrels for the horse's understanding and then without. Over training sessions the destination barrel can be moved further and further away until only you and your horse understands where the ultimate destination is allowing you to offer a stop for your horse before reaching it. How can a horse travel sideways? Straight through their body, bending away from the direction of travel or in requiring more effort and a higher level of athleticism bending towards the direction of travel. The beauty of this strategy is that it can encourage a horse to seek the barrel as a destination bending towards the direction of travel,

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