• Fiona Darling

Finesse Quadrille performed at the Colorado ISC in honour of Linda, Walter and our horses.

In 2012 I had the wonderful experience of attending a Masterclass with Linda Parelli along with 19 other fabulous and fun Parelli Professionals at the Clorado campus in Pagosa Springs. I was lucky to have Ann Kiser's horse Bandit (a black and white paint gelding) to play with and ride over the 4 weeks. During the course we had been playing with riding in groups including Quadrilles. Towards the end of the course Walter Zettl was going to be visiting and after the morning of planning and practising we performed our Finesse Quadrille choreographed by Linda that afternoon and ridden in honour of Linda, Walter and our horses as our willing partners. My wonderful group of 4 also included Ryan Pfouts, Jodi Ellis and Kerri-Ann April with their horses, We loved performing the Quadrille and Linda and Walter loved watching it. I hadn't thought so at the time but how cool that we are able to stop and salute keeping such a straight lineup!

Here is the accompanying description of the video from Parelli tube:

What happens when you put Warmbloods, Friesians, Quarter horses, mares, geldings and even a stallion, plus 24 of your savvy English and Western riders together? You get calm, connected and responsive quadrille, which goes to show that with a solid Parelli foundation, anything is possible. Here is the address to view

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