Coaching for Happy, Willing Horses and a Happy Horse Life

Happy Horse Instructor in Linda Parelli's Happy Horse Happy Life program

Former Parelli 4 Star Senor Instructor (with 23 years teaching experience from 1997 to 2020)


What are the dreams and goals you have in your horse life?

Do you have any road blocks or issues preventing you from reaching these dreams and goals?

Are you looking for an accessible, successful program offering supportive coaching from an experienced Instructor that will keep you on track with your horsemanship progress?

Perhaps you can identify with:

  • having lost direction or motivation in your horse life

  • the relationship you have with your horse is not what you hoped it would be

  • observing your horse as naughty, hypersensitive, unpredictable or lazy

  • your horse is challenging to catch or manage for shoeing or trimming, worming or vaccinating

  • your horse is difficult to float load

  • finding it hard to have your horse stand still to bridle, saddle or mount

  • your horse engages in antisocial behaviour such as bucking, biting, striking out, rearing or bolting

  • being advised to resort to bigger bits or more gadgets to control your horse

  • losing confidence around your horse or concerned for your safety with your horse


If you are searching for answers or direction with any of these concerns or issues you might well be feeling disappointed, frustrated, disillusioned or anxious. You maybe considering not to continue with this horse.

Your horsemanship dreams and goals may seem so far away.


It doesn’t have to be this way!


Are you seeking a happy, willing partner, a horse keen to be with you calm, confident and responsive both on the ground and when riding?

Do you want your horse to be a joy to handle and ride?

Do you want more confidence to play with, care for and ride your horse and build a relationship based on trust and respect?

Maybe you want to be able to float load, trail ride, or play at liberty with your horse.

Maybe you have an ambition to rise through the competition ranks with your horse or perhaps your horse is an important part of your working life and require a dependable and efficient partner or maybe you just want to be sure your children are safe around your horse.

Whatever your dreams or goals are, for pleasure or performance, there is a solution! It is based on building a strong foundation through learning to understand your horse and speak your horse’s language.

Using Love, Language and Leadership in equal doses with Fiona Darling as your coach you will learn how to unlock the seven keys to success to know how your horse thinks, feels, acts and plays to gain your dream partnership.


Remote Learning Options

Video Coaching:

Make good use of the time at home and advance your horsemanship during social distancing.

Practice with your horse, record sessions on your phone and send them in for coaching feedback.

Find out more about Video Coaching

Seven Keys Virtual Home Study Group Experiences:

Join in with others for a more clinic style feel via zoom gatherings and dedicated private fb group to study a savvy or theme at your level receiving coaching support from your home base with Fiona. A variety will be available to participate in.

Find out more about Seven Keys Virtual Home Study Experiences

Live Virtual Lessons: 

Using the pixem app have a virtual lesson in real time with Fiona.

Find out more about Live Virtual Lessons