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What is it about?


“If all I did was teach you to think like a horse and truly understand their psychology, you’d have the keys to be able to do whatever you want with horses, and to win their hearts.” Pat Parelli

Parelli Natural Horsemanship PNH is a relationship based horse training program offering people the understanding, knowledge and skill set to bring out the happy athlete and willing partner in their horse as a foundation from which then to specialise.

In order to achieve this Parelli NH takes into account the nature of the horse and shows us in the step building on step, levels program how to use communication, understanding and psychology to win the horse’s heart and desire rather than using mechanics, force, fear or intimidation.

Parelli Pathways (Levels)

There are 10 Levels that lead to the mastery of natural horsemanship, but Levels 1 – 4 are the foundation. Each Level involves four areas of learning called Savvys, two in ground skills On Line and Liberty and two in riding skills Freestyle riding and Finesse (with contact) riding. The things you’ll learn in your partnership progress to Level 4 will give you the knowledge and the skills to diagnose and resolve problems and accomplish the goals you have set with your horse along the way. Self assessment checklists are available for you to gauge your progress from one Level to the next in each of the 4 Savvys. Formal Auditions through the Savvy Club are also available to receive Parelli Professional feedback on your progress at each of the four Foundation Levels.

  • Level One – Level 1 is about safety and communication, focusing on developing a language and earning respect with your horse on the ground. Playing the Parelli Seven Games with your horse ON LINE, the first of the Four Savvys, teaches you how to read horses and build strong relationships based on love, language, and leadership.

  • Level Two – Level 2 is about confidence and fun, and will introduce the second Savvy of FREESTYLE riding. You’ll learn how riding without contact helps horses become more responsible, self-controlled, and relaxed, and you’ll take your On Line skills to another level of understanding. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll be having playing on the ground. The transition from Level 1 to 2 is important because we don’t want you to get trapped in Level 1. It’s easy to get caught up in the details when you’re first starting, but we want to make sure you keep moving forward…otherwise you’ll end up boring your horse, and yourself.

  • Level Three – Level 3 is about skill and excellence. It delves into more advanced On Line and FreeStyle riding concepts, also further developing LIBERTY– the ultimate test of trust and bond. When you play with your horse on the ground without a halter or lead rope, the only thing left is the truth. The relationship, savvy and refinement you’ll learn in Level 3 will take you to a level of excellence that most people only dream about.

  • Level Four – Level 4 is about the fundamentals of performance – developing all Four Savvys to a degree of expertise that will ensure a solid foundation for your chosen area of specialisation. The fourth Savvy is FINESSE – the art of riding with contact and collection – and it is one of the hardest things to do well with horses. Reaching Level 4 in all Four Savvys will help you achieve high levels of performance without sacrificing the relationship you’ve built with your horse.


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