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Linda Parelli is considered a leading expert on horse psychology based training and mindful riding, empowering people to become better leaders, riders and communicators.

She has developed a unique goals-oriented horse training program Happy Horse Happy Life designed to dramatically improve your relationship with your horse, your skills as a rider and your own personal goals.

Happy Horse Happy Life or HHHL program offers people the understanding, knowledge and skill set to bring out the happy athlete and willing partner in their horse.

In order to achieve this the nature of the horse is taken into account using communication, understanding and psychology to win the horse’s heart and desire.

Whether you wish to develop the partnership you have with your horse to an advanced level from the ground in hand or at liberty, or your focus is on advancing your riding you will gain the knowledge and the skills to diagnose and resolve problems and accomplish the goals you have set with your horse along the way. 

If you want to know the secrets to having a happy horse life with a happy horse no matter what your horse pursuits I'd love you to join me in the Happy Horse Happy Life program!

Your HHHL membership will give you access to a variety of themed on line courses and topics to give you many insights and strategies in solving a range of issues you might be experiencing in your training sessions.

There are three levels of membership. Fiona recommends the middle level offering you access to the How To Talk Horse curriculum as part of the membership fee. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to join HHHL via Fiona's recommendation offering a free 2 week trial. 

In HHHL Fiona hosts one of the Groups offered for members to join in. This Group is titled Australian Support Network for members to connect and access Fiona's experience and expertise with your horsemanship questions. Each last Thursday in the month at 6.30pm she also hosts a 1hr zoom gathering with a different theme discussed each month followed by a live Q & A session. A link to participate in this zoom gathering is posted in the Australian Support Network group as well as on her fb page Fiona Darling the day prior.