In this calendar a variety of events are included along with the dates they are to be offered at Seven Keys.

For a more personalised learning experience all Seven Keys events are limited to 6 participants with their one horse (Personal Progressions have a maximum of 4 participants with their one horse).

Fiona is also available for bookings not listed in the calendar of events both at Seven Keys and alternate venues.

For all live events spectators are welcome at $55 for attendance during a full day or if a half day event $35.

Remote learning options including Video Coaching, Live Virtual lessons and VIP Virtual Internships available for booking throughout the year.

For more information on each type of event plus the pricing guide for alternate venues or remote learning options please go to each of the relevant pages listed under Coaching. 

To make a booking for a listed event at Seven Keys on the calendar click on Contact.

Alternatively contact Fiona via her email or 0429031395


At Seven Keys (or by arrangement at an alternate venue) from October to early May and in the winter months at a local Indoor arena.

On Mondays and Wednesdays for 3 hours 10.30 am to 1.30pm with ground skills and riding sessions. Each lesson day focuses on a particular skill, technique, theme or strategy with a challenge or challenges to develop, test and strengthen the lesson focus. Bookings available for the ground skills (1.5 hrs) or both the ground skills and riding sessions of the lesson.

Cost $65 for ground skills part of session $130 for both sessions in the lesson.

Fiona recommends participating in either a Monday or Wednesday for a block of lessons once a week for 4 weeks or every second week ongoing to gain consistency of progress in your training program.

Limited places - Bookings essential                                                                                                                                                              



1.5hr experience around horses on a special horse property while visiting the Macedon Ranges, offered year round.

Visit Seven Keys a horsemanship property developed by Fiona Darling. Gain an insight into life from a horse's perspective and the understanding, empathy and unlimited patience that allows a person develop a willing partner, a rewarding relationship and a happy, content horse. For those wishing to find out more about the Happy Horse Happy Life program and also for those just wanting to spend some time around horses on a day out in the Macedon Ranges.

Program available on request

Booking Essential.



Decide on taking a 3, 6 or 12 month commitment to study with Fiona.

Discounts on live events attended with Fiona over the time of your VIP Intern study.

A fantastic opportunity to have regular, ongoing access to a Master HHHL Instructor/Mentor with experience and expertise in offering guidance, motivation and inspiration in a customised training program. Think of the VIP Virtual Internship as a service rather than a course. With this format Interns have access to a weekly zoom gathering in review of the week of study and the horsemanship themes and perspectives that came up along with a Horsemanship Q & A, regular contact to plan/review/adjust the customised training program, unlimited video coaching and access to the virtual events dedicated fb group for Fiona to share ideas and insights, also for Interns to connect with and encourage each other over their 3, 6 or 12 month commitment. 
Fiona understands that over the 3, 6 or 12 months each Intern will vary in the time they are able to set aside for their horsemanship, sometimes more and sometimes less however with this commitment Fiona in turn is dedicated to empowering VIP Virtual Interns in keeping their training program goals insight. 

Intern Investment in study:

  • 3 month based on $55/week with one upfront payment of $725

  • 6 month based on $45/week with either one upfront payment of $1175 or an upfront 1st payment of $725 followed at the 3 month mark with the balance of payment of $450

  • 12 month based on $35/week with either one upfront payment of $1825 or an upfront 1st payment of $725 followed at the 3 month mark with a 2nd payment of $450 and the remaining payments at the 6 and 9 month marks of $325.

VIP Virtual Interns attending live or virtual live

events will have that weeks VIP payment equivalent deducted from the event cost.

Take this opportunity to have ongoing access to Fiona in developing, implementing and accomplishing your training program with your dreams and goals in mind.


Starting the first Friday of each month.

Join this virtual home study group 3 week experience to get back and/or keep on track with your horsemanship training program for this year. Be proactive in designing and following through with your training program guided, encouraged and supported by Fiona. The opportunity is there to receive video coaching feedback and you will be able to meet and get to know the other VIP Interns participating via the dedicated private fb group as well as during the zoom gatherings held over the 3 week introductory offer experience.

Cost $225


Select from suitable dates from 1st October through to May  each year

Individualised progress focusing on increasing the level of connection, communication and harmony between horse and handler/rider as guided through the lessons in the modules of the How To Talk Horse curriculum. With the higher level of understanding, trust and confidence gained through Modules 1 to 4 Connection, Relaxation, Responsiveness and Confidence a lightness and harmony in your horse’s response can be achieved in ground skills on line and at liberty and when riding through the modules Impulsion, Bending, Harmony, Agility, Progress and Performance. 

Personal Progressions offer an excellent opportunity to prioritise time for progress with your horse having a maximum of 4 participants with the opportunity of attending for a varying number of days to suit each individual's needs and availability. Take advantage of Fiona's 23 years wealth of knowledge and experiences as a Parelli Instructor and now in her second year as a Happy Horse Instructor with Linda Parelli  at the purpose built facility she has developed at Seven Keys. Personal Progressions are a great choice to advance your horsemanship skills and build an ever more meaningful,  dependable and joyful partnership with your horse. Through a strategic mix of theory, simulations, preparatory ground skills and riding sessions you will gain valuable insights that will change the way you think of and interact with your horse. If you’re looking to elevate your knowledge and skill set around horses a Personal Progression with Fiona Darling would serve you well. 

Book individually or as a group of friends. 

Cost $200 per day.

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Weekend Clinics: 9th & 10th April,  7th & 8th May and 12th & 13th November or as organised with a group.

For Horse lovers looking for a new way of interacting with their horse. Horsemanship & Horse Training Clinic with On Line challenges, preparing for and moving on when ready to riding with the How to Talk Horse modules 1 to 4 as the guide: Connection, Relaxation, Responsiveness and Confidence. Experience how the partnership gained On Line is translated to riding for safety, confidence, understanding and harmony between horse and rider.

Cost $280 for each clinic

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16th to 18th April 2022

Have fun with your horse at this Easter camp choosing four from a selection of seven  2 hr themed workshops. There will be two workshops offered on the first and last days with three available to choose from on the middle day. The workshops will have themes for Ground skills with In Hand challenges or Liberty play and Riding skills and challenges. The ridden workshops will have a primary focus on either the rider or on the horse. You decide which 4 workshops to participate in spectating the other three with an option to participate in them for an additional cost.

Cost $360 with additional workshops $90 each.

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Weekends 14th & 15th May and 29th & 30th October  

Open to those beginning liberty or further developing their liberty play to an advanced level. Individual and group sessions over the two days using the round yard, Honey Comb and when ready out in the obstacle playground paddock at Seven Keys.

Learn or review the fundamentals, be supported through the next stages of your liberty progress, be further inspired when observing other partnerships in the clinic and have fun in the group activity testing the partnership you share with your horse.

Cost $280

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